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About Us

Yachting Greece Ltd was founded in 1999 by George Karahalios at a moment of a turn of his carreer on television news and advertising agencies. The prime service at the time was the charters of yachts exclusively for VIP's in the Greek islands.

After Athens Olympic Games in 2004 yacht charter services were expanded to all yachting destinations around the world and in March 2005 the company became a holding through a partial merger with a major European Τour Οperator. Ever since, Yachting Greece Ltd operates as a middle entity to all travel & leisure services in more than 200 countries through respective partnerships offering to its clients & partners a unique combination of holiday services:

Personal & Professional

Personal because every single request is handled by the owner's office. This option provides the client the ease to feel trust and friendly in the crowded market of travel and the guarantee that their holiday is being planned by someone who knows all those details that make a service human, succesful and joyful. Then the right associate in the chosen holiday destination takes over, while coordination & supervision from headoffice takes place throughout the planning & executing process.

Professional because all partners of the company are top world leaders in the travel & leisure industry, making sure that the holiday maker or business traveller gets the best available services and inner information for every bit of the travel plan.

How it works

Say you are a single person and want to visit Berlin for a week. Normally, you will search the internet, find hotels and other services that meet your requirements. Then you book this trip through various relevant online travel services providers. Now, by contacting Yachting Greece Ltd for the same request you have a global expert in the travel industry at your fingertips at no extra cost. And above all, our company is unique because our company is us, real persons with culture & ethics, and will offer you not only the services asked, but also give you access to our vast lobbying circles throughout the world, an element that nobody else has ever attempted to give to a single client that created say 100 dollars or euros profit to our company.

How this can work for you?

When you become one of our clients you instantly become our friend too. You will be given all the freedom to talk with our founder's office (or even direct with him) for matters beyond your travel services and there you will discover a strong helping hand to any of your professional aspects, plans etc. We will connect you with other clients-friends around the world or near your professional-business interests, and you may make miracles ever after in your life ahead. The company, its partners, clients, suppliers, associates & friends become a tremendous and powerful tool in your hands.

Why we do this?

Because we love it! Because we live in an era of machines, of wars, of crises, or crimes, and of constant changes and this is how we react: We make friends! Real friends. It will be up to you to choose and develop this friendship and make the most of it.

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